Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Which shops do I recommend?

If you are wondering where I go to buy my art materials? Which places are nice to visit to buy materials, art work etc......

A place that is local to me and closest to my heart and that also sells my art work for me is a lovely little place called The Crafty Rummage on Attleborough Green in Nuneaton.

It's a beautiful shop in Freer Street, Attleborough Nuneaton. We sell clothes, We buy clothes, We hire out your clothes for you, We rent space to local artists so that they have a retail outlet that they can call their own, without charging a fortune. Friendly local business, that is all about community and working together. 

Please have a nosey at this link, like it, join us on face book, share it with your friends most importantly pop in and have a good old rummage! http://www.facebook.com/The.Crafty.Rummage.Nuneaton/info

Another place I pop to fairly often is my local art shop http://www.abbeycraftartworld.co.uk/100290/info.php?p=2 I have never been in and they haven't got what I've needed!

Finally a lovely place to go for art materials, a cuppa, cake and to look at the art on display is a place worth driving the extra distance to in Hinckley http://www.ten2gallery.co.uk/Ten_2_Home.asp 

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